Miner First Aid & CPR Training

It is important that every mine worker is trained to provide First Aid care in case of emergencies that may arise from working in hazardous situations.
The Eagle Safety & Training course is given to satisfy the needs of the mining industry, as well as fulfilling MSHA requirements. This training provides information that will equip the participants to correctly provide basic FA/CPR/AED procedures. In addition, he/she will be provided with life-saving knowledge in the following areas:

-Recognizing and acting in an emergency
-Checking the victim and following an action plan
-CPR & AED (including heart information)
-Abdominal thrusts for conscious and unconscious victims (choking)
-Control bleeding and wound care
-Additional First Aid procedures covered:
*Shock *Burns *Bones, Joints & Muscular injuries *Head & Spine injuries
*Rescuing and moving victims *Heat emergencies *More

The course is taught by knowledgeable instructors qualified through the National Safety Council. Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate of completion will be issued by Eagle Safety & Training.

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